Something crazy and amazing has been happening around here.  The Royals are in the World Series.  In case you have been living in a bubble (or just not in KC since many people I talked to down in Branson last weekend had no clue) you may not know that the Kansas City Royals have been unstoppable as of late.  They are one of the two wild card teams to be playing in the World Series.

Sleeping Royals Close up

Photo taken by D&J Smith Photography

Our Little Bug cup has runneth over.  29 years of waiting have paid off in a huge way.  My parents were at the legendary Game 6 in 1985; my mom pregnant with my baby sister, Teresa.  They have talked about it ever since.  We have tickets to Game 6 in this series-if there is a Game 6, of course.  To quote my dad, “It is the game you HAVE to go to.”


It goes without saying that our Royals shirts have been flying off the sewing machine.  I honestly can’t make enough.  It feels like I am constantly adding and subtracting to the pile, selling out at every show, and cutting out KC letters in my sleep.  It isn’t a bad problem to have.  We are lucky fans and lucky business owners because of the Royals’ success.


We are so proud of our Royals and can’t wait to share in this World Series experience with our bugs.  Tommy is enamored with baseball and the Royals and Alex Gordon right now.  They are all he talks about.  He chose to wear his Royals shirt to his first day of school.

June 2014 Photo Shoot 053

Photo taken by D&J Smith Photography


Little Bug model: Maddie

If you come to one of our shows, come early to guarantee you get the size of shirt you want.  However, if your size is gone, you can always place an order with us.

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Go Royals!