The story behind…our blankets

Oh baby blankets, how you get us every time.  You are oh-so-cuddly and soft.


Before having kids, we never understood how soft a blanket can be.  We also never understood the need for multiple types of blankets.

Sure we have our “couch blankets” and “bedroom blankets” (aka comforters), but we never knew the need for a baby blanket at home, another to travel with, another for stroller trips, another for the floor, and a back up for when those are dirty.  How many blankets do we have?  No clue.  A lot.


Our business originated with the idea of making blankets, because we used them all of the time.  We couldn’t believe how many we went through and how necessary they were for our 1st bundle of joy.  I started out making smaller items as I was learning to sew, working my way up to larger items like blankets.

We talked about what our favorite aspects of baby blankets were.


#1 soft and cozy:  We use a lot of minky fabric.  It is the softest we can find and comes in so many colors.


#2 size variations:  Have you ever grabbed a too large blanket and tried to cover your baby with it in the stroller?  We have.  The blanket is falling all over the place.  Most likely into large puddles that then doom the blanket to join the growing laundry pile.  We also love having blankets all over our house that are a little bit bigger and cover even the adults up.  So we make those too.


#3  different blankets for different situations:  We have 3 main blankets.  Our stroller blanket is perfect for taking along on an outing.  They are great to cover up in the car or cover up in a stroller.  Our main blankets are about a square yard and great for covering toddlers up.  Our floor blanket is ideal for playdates and tummy time.  They aren’t as cuddly as the other two blankets since their main purpose is to allow movement to encourage rolling over/crawling, and they act as a barrier between baby and the dirty floor that isn’t allowed to touch a newborn.  (Any other germaphobs out there?)


#4  personalization:  I have mentioned in an earlier blog that I LOVE having my kids names on things.  We can embroider on the blankets for a special touch.  This really means a lot to parents and will turn your gift into a lifelong keepsake that will be passed down through generations.


Tommy currently has a favorite blanket that Neil’s stepmom made him for Christmas.  He calls it his “Libby blanket”.  It’s the cutest thing ever.  Especially because he can’t say the “L” sound yet, so it sounds like, “Mama, where’s my Yibby blanket?  I need my Yibby blanket.”

IMG_7494 IMG_7478 IMG_7482 IMG_7475 IMG_7454IMG_7455

Jessi is always looking for new fabric to make blankets stand out.  We love creating custom blankets based on your theme requests.  The possibilities are really endless.

 IMG_7568 IMG_7534

Most of all, we love putting babies on the blankets themselves.  We love providing warmth to something so small and precious.  A blanket is one of life’s luxuries on a chilly day.  They are also a small piece of comfort when you need a sense of security.  No matter how old you are.

Of course, we need to put a disclaimer in here that you should NEVER put a blanket on top of a baby when you aren’t supervising them.  Here is a great reading resource to check out:

Safe Sleeping

 Healthy Child Care