Happy (late) Love Day!

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We celebrated Valentine’s Day together.  How lucky we are when it falls on a Saturday!  We weren’t able to get a babysitter so we opted for the earliest possible dinner time in order to avoid annoying romantic couples that were able to get a babysitter.

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And we found that we weren’t alone in trudging our kids along with us.  Many others had our same idea and kept their little ones with them for 4:00pm dinner.  By the grace of God, they were both very well behaved and received several compliments from nearby diners and waiters.

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Honestly, we almost didn’t go out to dinner since we couldn’t get a babysitter.  We didn’t want to be “that couple” that ruined someone else’s date with our munchkins.  We aren’t so blinded by love to think that our kids will make everyone as googly eyed as us over them.

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On the way home we reflected on how silly it would have been to have stayed home.  Aren’t they as deserving as we are to celebrate a day of love with us?  Our own little perfections of how amazing love is?  Tommy was so excited for Valentine’s Day.  He loves holidays so much right now.  What kid doesn’t?

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And thank goodness they were behaved.  Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!  May (mostly) every day be a reason to celebrate the love that surrounds us.  (I’d be loving these pictures more if they hadn’t dimmed the lights in the restaurant so early.  Seriously, it was 4:00; normally those lights don’t dim until at least 6:00!)


Valentine’s Day Pics

I just had to post these pics of my little ones.  Juliet is wearing a Little Bug original.  Tommy is wearing an irresistible Old Navy onesie.


Why, yes, I did make that headband to match her shirt.  =)  Image

I kind of forgot to get Tommy’s shirt done.  I was so focused on his birthday and his Elmo shirt that I forgot to make one for him.  So the day before Valentine’s Day, I ran to Old Navy for their sale and picked up the Dr. Love shirt.  It worked out well though.  He will not be forgotten for St. Patrick’s Day.  I actually already finished his shirt so it wouldn’t happen again.  (Is my guilt showing through yet?  Haha)


We hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love and laughter.  When Tommy woke up, I told him it was Valentine’s Day.  He got really excited and said, “Birthday cake, balloons!”  So I called Neil and told him to bring a balloon home for Tommy.  It was (of course) a hit!

Valentine’s Day

Since becoming parents, little holidays like Valentine’s Day have made dressing up an entirely different deal.  We used to get dressed up, go to dinner somewhere fancy, and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.  Now we spend a month before the holiday looking for the perfect outfit for our little bugs to wear, get them dressed up, and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

When our relationship was new we always heard the older, more experienced couples tell us that our Valentine’s Day date nights wouldn’t last long.  We would tell ourselves that this was not going to be us.  We wouldn’t lose the romantic nature of our love.  Haha.  I am happy to say that we haven’t missed a Valentine’s Day date yet.  We have allowed our little guy to accompany us the last two years (his first V-Day he was only a week old and naturally slept right through dinner-you’re welcome table next to us).  Now that there are two, the date may be harder to lasso.  We wouldn’t dream of ruining dinner for those couples next to us that haven’t given up on the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Luckily, we have amazing moms that believe our children are the perfect Valentines.  True.

While it is easy to see the commercialized state that Valentine’s Day has become, it is also easy to make it an excuse for another romantic night out.  There can never be too many of them.  And it is easy to find a cute outfit for my little ones and snap a million pictures.  Go ahead and celebrate.  With your kids, with your partner, or (like us) with both.  And check out our Valentine onesies while you’re at it.


This little guy couldn’t be cuter in one of our ties.  These photographers are the best at what they do.  This includes loads of cute baby pictures with perfect backgrounds.