New Designs


I love being busy with shows and sewing.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  However, January through March are always a much needed slower pace.  A nice break to refocus our weekends around the kids.  I can pick up more sub days to get back in the classroom a little bit.

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AND I was able to be more creative for the fun holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Pat’s, and Easter.  If these holidays fell during the busy season, nothing new would ever be created.  Love having time to get my embroidery machine working!

Here are some of our new designs that have come about from custom orders, customer ideas, or our own minds.  Just a taste of what is new at Little Bug.  More ideas are in the works.

IMG_9614 IMG_9617 IMG_9608 IMG_9610 IMG_0331 IMG_0330IMG_9889 IMG_0319 IMG_9715




Ohmygoodness, I LOVE spring!  Is there a better season?  I realize this can be easily debated and is entirely an opinion but c’mon!  It is SO welcomed and beautiful.

New growth, new beginnings

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The best part of spring is opening up the house and getting the babies outside.

IMG_6541 IMG_6540 IMG_0032

Sure, there is a little too much baseball being played over here.  I’m about to start hiding the balls and telling Tommy that they all went down the gutter.  So mean, but I need to take a day off.


However, seeing Juliet pick up a bat and tap it on the ground before picking it up to swing is such a heart warming sight.


Someone recently asked us what Juliet’s favorite toy was.  Our answer is always going to be, “What’s Tommy playing with?”  Or, “Tommy.”  Love their love.  (Or at least her love.  Haha!)


We hope you are able to at least open a window if you can’t get outside and soak up some of this fresh air.  Our house was definitely in need of the change.

Eterra Couture


We have such exciting news!  A couple weeks ago we were contacted by a store in Overland Park, Kansas called Eterra Boutique.  They were looking to bring more local Etsy vendors into their store so we jumped at the chance.  They already sell baby items but were looking for a different variety of handmade items.  Their new store makeover will feature (aside from us) baby bedding, women’s clothing and accessories, and some TBD items.  The girls that own the store already specialize in eclectically unique tutus, beaded necklaces, and headbands.  Everything is so cute.  When you come to the store, give yourself ample time to look around!


Since we have no experience with retail store fronts, we look forward to learning a lot and selling even more.  Already we have learned how to use a tagging gun (so fun!) and how to make signage and tags for our brand.  The photo challenge that we did last summer was really insightful.  We are going to plan another one soon to help push me even more into the photo editing world.  Ideally I would take a class for this, but there just isn’t time at the moment.


We worked really hard to get everything ready for a February 1 debut.  We are so excited to allow our customers a place to shop for Little Bug items.  Even more exciting is the prospect of new customers that haven’t heard of us but have babies just waiting to be decked out in our items.

IMG_9680 IMG_9683

Come shop!