Valentine’s Day Pics

I just had to post these pics of my little ones.  Juliet is wearing a Little Bug original.  Tommy is wearing an irresistible Old Navy onesie.


Why, yes, I did make that headband to match her shirt.  =)  Image

I kind of forgot to get Tommy’s shirt done.  I was so focused on his birthday and his Elmo shirt that I forgot to make one for him.  So the day before Valentine’s Day, I ran to Old Navy for their sale and picked up the Dr. Love shirt.  It worked out well though.  He will not be forgotten for St. Patrick’s Day.  I actually already finished his shirt so it wouldn’t happen again.  (Is my guilt showing through yet?  Haha)


We hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with love and laughter.  When Tommy woke up, I told him it was Valentine’s Day.  He got really excited and said, “Birthday cake, balloons!”  So I called Neil and told him to bring a balloon home for Tommy.  It was (of course) a hit!