Happy (late) Love Day!

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We celebrated Valentine’s Day together.  How lucky we are when it falls on a Saturday!  We weren’t able to get a babysitter so we opted for the earliest possible dinner time in order to avoid annoying romantic couples that were able to get a babysitter.

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And we found that we weren’t alone in trudging our kids along with us.  Many others had our same idea and kept their little ones with them for 4:00pm dinner.  By the grace of God, they were both very well behaved and received several compliments from nearby diners and waiters.

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Honestly, we almost didn’t go out to dinner since we couldn’t get a babysitter.  We didn’t want to be “that couple” that ruined someone else’s date with our munchkins.  We aren’t so blinded by love to think that our kids will make everyone as googly eyed as us over them.

photo 2-3 photo 3-2

On the way home we reflected on how silly it would have been to have stayed home.  Aren’t they as deserving as we are to celebrate a day of love with us?  Our own little perfections of how amazing love is?  Tommy was so excited for Valentine’s Day.  He loves holidays so much right now.  What kid doesn’t?

photo 4

And thank goodness they were behaved.  Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!  May (mostly) every day be a reason to celebrate the love that surrounds us.  (I’d be loving these pictures more if they hadn’t dimmed the lights in the restaurant so early.  Seriously, it was 4:00; normally those lights don’t dim until at least 6:00!)


Showing Off


Here is the post that I have been crafting in my mind for months now.  Our notable and exciting show season!

Holiday Swing

Now that it’s over I can’t believe how crazy it all was.  With this month of down time (aside from personal, custom, and Etsy orders) I actually miss being so busy I couldn’t think straight.  I like busy.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  I have 2 kids under 3-at least for another couple weeks.  (Not pregnant-Tommy will be 3!)

Show season pretty much starts in August, but then it get a Super Mario fast forward starting in September that doesn’t end until the middle of December.  Like 3-4 day weekends back to back.  Poor Neil.

Our weekday schedule consisted of Neil getting home from work and taking the kids so I could sew.  Sometimes they went adventurous places like McDonald’s Playplace.  Those that know me may be a little shocked to read that I sent my kids to McDonald’s Playplace for two reasons.  #1 I am not a fan of McDonald’s for obvious health reasons.  #2 I have a phobia of public play places (and restrooms) that may or may not be unreasonable.  Reason #2 actually contradicts other feelings I have about kids needing to be exposed to germs so that they can build up immunities to illnesses.  But we will save that debate for another day.

We had a lot of help from Neil’s dad and stepmom as well as my mom during the week.  They would take the kids for the day or come over to play while I hid away in the sewing room.  (It’s actually impossible to hide in there because there is no door and it is the first room you see when you walk into our house.  I need a door.)  And Neil’s mom helped a lot on the weekends when we were so desperate for a date that we would have business dinners that still felt romantic since I was away from the machine.


In a previous post I talked about doing the Strawberry Swing, a KC indie craft fair.  I raved about how amazing it was to be amongst other handmade vendors.  What I failed to mention was that a new door opened for us at this event.  The door is called Chick Events.  These spunky ladies came up to our booth and strongly encouraged us to become vendors at their event in a little over a month.  They promised us a similar event and feel as this one would also be handmade/vintage goods.  Local artisans.  They were speaking our language.  After a little thought (and a couple phone calls/emails from the Chicks) we were ready to commit.  This would be our biggest show yet.


The event was held outside in the streets of a lovely shopping area called Park Place that my mom and I frequent often in Leawood, Kansas.  It just happened to be the most beautiful weekend of the year, in my recollection.  That perfect weekend you get between summer and fall that makes you want to be outside no matter what you are doing.  Bring the office outside, bring the classroom outside, bring the kids outside.  You know what I mean.  Anyway, we got it.  And we met some really great people that we will blog about in a future post.

IMG_4042 IMG_4041

The Chicks put on a great event.  We knew we wanted to be linked up with them whenever we could be.  It was a match made in Kansas City.  (haha)


Soon after Chick Events, we were contacted by Holiday Boutique to be a vendor at their show.  This was a big deal.  For two reasons.  #1 My mom and I went to this event every year.  It had become a tradition.  There are two big holiday shows in KC.  Holiday Mart and Holiday Boutique.  There were talks about trying this event out in 2015.  But here they were, contacting us, telling us that they would love to have us at their show.  We didn’t even have to apply.  After about two weeks of debate, we bit.  The debate falls into reason #2, it is expensive to enter these large events.  Before participating in shows I had no idea how expensive.  Message me and I will tell you.  😉

IMG_4399 IMG_4397

For this event, I had to call on my good friend Amy Scheuerman to help me decorate my booth.  These booths are serious business.  I was so happy with what she put together and feel fairly certain that I could recreate a similar booth in the future.  But I will probably just call her to come back and help me so I can hang out with her during set up.  Sometimes she brings her cute baby so that always makes things more fun too.  If I could hire Amy to coordinate my entire life and business, I would.  But obviously I can’t afford her.  However, you can hire her to organize your house or decorate.  Her company is called Creative Solutions KC.

IMG_4404 IMG_4403 IMG_4402

The event is something that we are proud of doing.  We didn’t think we were “there” yet, but we were.  It only made us more sure that we wanted Little Bug to be our creation.  We wanted to make it something that could keep growing and be a product of our vision.  Next year we will apply for Holiday Mart (the bigger of the two) and hope to be accepted.

Holiday ChickHoliday Chick Event

We went from Holiday Boutique to another Chick Event.  This was an event of the same idea as the September one.  It was a little longer and inside, but it was a “pop-up marketplace”.  We met even more amazing people and bought some great gifts for ourselves and our friends.

IMG_4450 IMG_4443 IMG_4439 IMG_4438

We sold a lot and chatted a lot.  It is truly wonderful to have someone come up and tell us they bought something from us for a friend or (best of all) for their baby that was coming-and LOOK-here he is!  We love getting to know new families and people that we will see again.  What a dream!

HolidaySwing2014_medres Holiday Swing

IMG_4545 IMG_4537

Our last big event of the Christmas season was the Holiday Swing.  Put on by the same wonderful girl, Katie, that puts on the Strawberry Swing.  This one was held in the West Bottoms in KC.  Such a fun area the first weekend of every month if you like vintage and eclectic finds.  Food Truck City and many stores open to shoppers that love supporting local vendors.

IMG_4100 IMG_4270 IMG_4221 IMG_4335

IMG_0847 IMG_0850

In the middle of all this craziness Neil’s sister, Lea, and her husband, Will, welcomed our cutest and first niece/nephew.  And my sister, Lora, married her husband, Chris.  And Juliet turned 1.  Phew.  Like I said, I love busy.  (Notice I said “I” and not “we”.)

And that pretty much catches you up on our 4th quarter.  What a ride!  Can’t wait to do it again!  If you missed us, no worries, we will be back in the water again soon.

Whale Collection


We created a large amount of whale onesies for Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  There were so many that we have deemed them a “collection”.  They are sitting in the shop now, just waiting to be picked up by YOU!  Here are all the different patterns that were created.

IMG_7794 IMG_7793 IMG_7792 IMG_7791 IMG_7790 IMG_7789 IMG_7787 IMG_7786 IMG_7785 IMG_7784 IMG_7781

Just let us know if you want any of these recreated for your own little bug.  Of course, for our Iowans out there, just swing by Adel Quilting and Dry Goods for instant gratification!

IMG_7822 IMG_7820

St. Pat’s pics




Juliet always looks a little unsure when Tommy is posing next to her.  Some day I am just going to film all the work it takes to get him to lay next to her, not move (too much), and smile.  It is hilarious.  At least I will think so one day.


We meant to post these much earlier.  Whoops.  In all honesty, I’m happy I am posting them before March is up.  Isn’t the month of March dedicated to clovers and green?  Well, let the weather in on that, St. Patrick.


These were our two main designs for St. Patrick’s Day.  I went back and forth about stitching around the clovers.  When I did the stitch on Juliet’s shirt it turned out a little…novice.  They were a sewing learning experiment and will be altered a bit for next year.  I will also be one year farther along with my sewing.





I have a large amount of green fabric to change them around a bit, but I just love the clovers.  


We are so lucky to have such cute babies model our designs.  These two belong to Jessi’s best friend, Willow.  Just ultra squeezable.  Do you love how they have matching leg poses?  Because we do.  


We hope you enjoyed your green holiday as much as we did.  Babies just make everything more fun.  Now onto Easter!