Strawberry Swing

StrawberrySwing2014PosterRevised 2014 SS Poster

August 3 we were so lucky to participate in our best show to date.  We had heard about this show from other crafters, but we didn’t expect it to be as amazing as it was.

IMG_8411 IMG_8409

The whole time we were there we kept wanting to look around at everyone’s booths.  It was hard to stay planted at ours, but we had to because we were so busy!  Everyone had such unique, handmade items.  

The first few hours were hard since it rained while we were setting up and we haven’t invested in tent sides (yet) so the water just drenched our tables and tubs.  Luckily, Neil’s dad and stepmom helped us with Juliet so we could work.  


IMG_8404 IMG_8402

Once the rain stopped, the day went so well.  My mom brought Tommy after the rain stopped so he could, well, jump off this porch he is sitting on and run around the area.  We had a steady stream of shoppers and were able to do what we love best: talk babies.  

image-2 copy image-2

There really isn’t anything more fun to talk.  Sometimes I’ll be toting the kids around and people will come up out of nowhere to talk kids with me.  How old are they?  What are their names?  How far apart are they?  Babies really bring out the best in people.  How can you not just smile when you see one?  (Assuming they aren’t screaming.)


So we have found our favorite types of shows.  Handmade.  Local-love that is was right in the middle of Kansas City.  People like us that make something out of their own ideas.  This is our niche.  We are so happy to have found it.  (Now to find more shows!)

Special shout out of thanks to my sister for coming at the beginning AND end of the day to help us set up and tear down.  We are learning how to speed a little faster through both of these.  


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