St. Pat’s pics




Juliet always looks a little unsure when Tommy is posing next to her.  Some day I am just going to film all the work it takes to get him to lay next to her, not move (too much), and smile.  It is hilarious.  At least I will think so one day.


We meant to post these much earlier.  Whoops.  In all honesty, I’m happy I am posting them before March is up.  Isn’t the month of March dedicated to clovers and green?  Well, let the weather in on that, St. Patrick.


These were our two main designs for St. Patrick’s Day.  I went back and forth about stitching around the clovers.  When I did the stitch on Juliet’s shirt it turned out a little…novice.  They were a sewing learning experiment and will be altered a bit for next year.  I will also be one year farther along with my sewing.





I have a large amount of green fabric to change them around a bit, but I just love the clovers.  


We are so lucky to have such cute babies model our designs.  These two belong to Jessi’s best friend, Willow.  Just ultra squeezable.  Do you love how they have matching leg poses?  Because we do.  


We hope you enjoyed your green holiday as much as we did.  Babies just make everything more fun.  Now onto Easter!



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